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We are a small agency ready for your next big project.

Backed up by a great network of freelancers.

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Who we are

Miriam Mlczoch

Miriam loves paper, good questions and non-linear life courses.

As a social scientist she has studied a lot and has worked in the non-profit sector for many years, living abroad for more than seven years – in London, Vevey, Maastricht, Amsterdam, Buenos Aires and Mbarara – before settling down in Vienna again.

After pondering the question “how do I want to live” for quite some time, she studied book design and founded her own company in love with paper in October 2018 with the vision to spread joy through analogue beauty.

At kles. Miriam is our “Project Mama” aka the Project Manager and the designer of all things paper (notebooks, swatchbooks, books) with a soft spot for high quality materials & haptic pleasures.

Philipp Wichtl

Philipp loves japanese food & design, is a sincere admirer of Hayao Miyazaki and fascinated by animation.

He is a passionate illustrator & animator with a fondness for animals, funny characters and quirky stories. Being a musician, he cares for his guitars & making music with his friends as well as the odd outing on his skateboard.

Philipp studied graphic design at the Werbeakademie in Vienna and has worked as a graphic designer for more than fifteen years. He is an undeniable perfectionist with a keen love for details.

At kles. Philipp is our illustrator and animator who puts his heart into making his illustrations come to life.

Jan Belik

Designgod Jan lights up with new challenges, always seeking means to evolve professionally and personally and all the while loving the ride.

Besides that his heart beats for biology, biochemistry, infographics and metal music.

Moreover he is a walking encyclopedia and entertains his colleagues with infotainment from his deep well of useless knowledge / fun facts.

Jan has worked in several agencies before changing to entrepreneurship in 2012.

At kles. Jan is our magician, who with the speed of lightning, produces one powerful design after the other.

Florian Kozak

Flo loves punk music, digs female pro skateboarding and spends his summers as a part-time pirate, sailing the adriatic sea.

Flo is a pitch wizard and great at drawing up the masterplan (concept, strategy, branding), giving you the big picture.

At kles. Flo is our branding starlet & online hacker who startles his colleagues with his expertise on all things digital that we‘ve never even heard of.

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